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HARI Electrical Designers & Consultants
Casa Marina Complex, Near A.K.G Hospital,
Kannur – 4

email : hedcraghavan@gmail.com

Ph: 0497 2768550, 9447046332



Training Programme in Electrical System Design for Degree and Diploma Holders in Electrical Engineering

Electrical Designing

  • Design of LT, MV and HT – Industries, Hospitals, Residential and High Rise Buildings etc.etc.
  • House Wiring Concept
  • Lighting Design ( LUX Level Calculation)
  • Load Calculations 
  • Calculation Of Connected Load, Maximum Demand, Contract Demand etc.
  • Selection of Transformers and generators For Unit Loads and Other Loads.
  • Cable selection and Scheduling.
  • Voltage Drop Calculation.
  • Switch Gear Types and Selection.
  • Bus bar selection
  • Fault Level Calculation and Earthing Design.
  • Selection of CT and PT
  • Power Factor Improvement and Reactive Power Management.
  • Design of Lighting Protection System.
  • Selection of UPS and Inverters.
  • Design of solar system.
  • Selection of Solar Panels, Regulators, Batteries and Inverters.
  • Legal Matters in connection with supply & utilization of electrical power.


  • Introduction to HVAC
  • Coordination of HVAC and Electrical System.


  • Selection of Cameras.
  • Types of Cables.
  • Conduit Scheduling.

Communication: TV, Telephone, Intercom and computer Networking.

  • Types of cables.
  • Conduit Scheduling.

Public Address System

  • Selection of Speakers.
  • Cable Selection.
  • Conduit Scheduling.

Duration: 2 months. (Part time & full time)

***Training Programme for Supervisory License Also– (Grade A and Grade B, conducted by Kerala State Electricity Licensing Board.)